IEEE SSCS Predoctoral Achievement Awards for 2012-2013受賞

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DengさんとMusaさんが、SSCS Predoctoral Achievement Awards を受賞しました。おめでとうございます!!


  • Wei Deng, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Prof. Kenichi Okada)
  • Ahmed Musa, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Prof. Kenichi Okada)
  • Jiashu Chen, UCB (Prof. Ali M. Niknejad)
  • Lingkai Kong, UCB (Prof. Elad Alon)
  • Hanh-Phuc Le, UCB (Prof. Elad Alon)
  • Ruonan Han, Cornell University (Prof. Ehsan Afshari)
  • I-Ting Lee, National Taiwan University (Prof. Shen-Iuan Liu)
  • Kamran Souri, Delft University School of Technology (Prof. Kofi Makinwa)

Dengさんは、"Student Member Profile of the Month"にも選ばれています。

STUDENT Member Profile of the Month

Father of Predoctoral Achievement Award Winner Wei Deng Inspired Career

Wei Deng 2013 Pre Doc Achievement Award Winner

"I derived my enthusiasm for electrical engineering mainly from my father, a telecommunications engineer."

"When I was a little boy, my father sometimes took me to his work area, a telecommunications systems management center, where I could have close contact with advanced telecommunications equipment. I was imperceptibly influenced by what I saw and touched. At that time I was very curious about a lot of “magical” telecommunication techniques, like how cordless and cell phones work.  After studying the physics of electricity and magnetism in high school, I was very sure that I would go for electrical engineering."



よくみたら、UCBのJiashu ChenさんとLingkai Kongさんも今度のISSCCで60GHzの無線機を発表する学生さんたちですね。